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June 17, 2019
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June 17, 2019

Waste Paper Baling Machine


Quality Waste Paper Baling Machine Manufacturers

Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Limited is one of the leading waste paper baling machine manufacturers in China. We are located in Zhengzhou Town, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province of China. We have a mainland chain production factory and are operating for over twenty years. We have put our heart and soul to good use by challenging ourselves to immense lengths to ensure a wide variety of chain products. We manufacture an array of chain products to meet various business needs.

Our main products include Bucket elevator chain/NE series chain, Plate Feed Chain, Slat Conveyor Chain, Large Conveyor Chain, Re-claimer chain, Waste Paper Baler Chain, Scraper Chain and others. Our chain products are used in cement, mining, environmental protection, paper, farming, waste packing and other sectors. To know what we offer as one of the top scrap paper baling equipment manufacturers, please visit our ‘products’ tab.

Waste paper bailing machine is used for a range of applications including compression packing and soft materials, PET mineral water containers, waste plastic, waste paper, wasted cotton, wool, clothing, and so on. Our scrap paper bailing equipment has compact structure, easy to maintain, practical and economical to use.

Waste Paper Baling Machine Manufacturers in China

Once the cardboard is compressed in the machine, the bails are shredded off, and the bundles get shrunk and become smaller in size. Through solidifying the cardboard down, modern facilities are capable of dealing better with scrap cardboard and keep it away from landfills.

All the waste paper baling machine manufacturers use scrap paper baling press for cardboard to press the waste produced from a notebook, journal, newspaper, and stationery items from state offices or other private institutions. However, to manufacture new papers is expensive compared to recycling. So, the bailing machine is helped to press all types of paper scrap generated by human resources in everyday life.

Scrap paper bailing devices are specifically designed to help companies making a plan for the daily waste of carbon boxes, paper, card and plastics. The bales of waste papers are tied with hard steel wire for handling soft nature of waste paper. Hongfeng offers waste paper bailing machine which is fabricated by premium quality material. Pour bailing machines are manufactured in numerous dimensions and sizes that can be customized as per customer’s needs.

We have ‘zero tolerance’ policy as far as quality is concerned. We purchase raw materials from renowned suppliers that meet international standards. The quality of our products is put in the first place; the second is integrity, while the third is the competitive price. The above three elements are briskly taking us to the top tier, among bailing machine suppliers.

We are exporting quality baling machines to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other regions. We have the aim to sell our bailing machines to all parts of the world.

We have the capacity to serve international customers with quality products and on-time delivery. So, if you are shortlisting quality waste paper baling machine manufacturers in China, Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Limited is the best among them.

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