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Baler Chain Manufacturers and Mining Chain Manufacturers

Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Limited is one of the leading baler chain manufacturers in China. We are located in Zhengzhou Town, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province of China. We have a mainland chain production factory and are operating for over two decades. We have put our expertise and effort to good use by stretching ourselves to immense lengths to ensure a broad range of chain products. We manufacture a variety of chain products to meet business needs.

Our main products include Bucket elevator chain/NE series chain, Plate Feed Chain, Slat Conveyor Chain, Large Conveyor Chain, Re-claimer chain, Waste Paper Baler Chain, Scraper Chain and others. Our products are used in cement, mining, environmental protection, paper, farming, waste packing and other sectors. To know what we offer as one of the top baler chain manufacturers, please visit our ‘products’ tab.

When you decide to upgrade your baler machine, you will find Hongfeng baler chain in the market to meet your requirements. Our baler chains will make your device easy to work. A baler is used in farm machinery. Baler chain as agricultural equipment is now more sophisticated compared to past to support up gradation in farming methods. As a result, there is an excessively growing need for a top-performing chain.

Hongfeng is among the highly rated roller chain manufacturers, apart from baler chain supplier. We work with a few of China’s largest agriculture machine manufacturers to make sure our chains are made to meet their demands for reliability and endurance.

Our baler chains are produced with super high breaking loads to sustain laborious agricultural applications. Features of our baler chains include high torque, long wear life, special heat treatment processes, and high fatigue span. Also, hard chrome pins of our baler chains enhance wear life and performance. Besides, we use the knurled pin method for better grip.

We manufacture all types of chains that enable us to guarantee a high standard from start to end. Our major focus is the quality of the chain we produce, specializing in modern chain manufacturing that is customized to customers’ needs. Among the best roller chain manufacturers, we use hardening facilities alongside advanced surface methods. Therefore, we are capable of delivering roller chain tolerances within 0.5 DIN accuracy.

We have a wide range of alloys and materials that means Hongfeng will offer high-performance solutions in agricultural, industrial and for specific applications. We are rated as quality bespoke conveyor chain manufacturers too.

To be in the list of top scraper chain manufacturers, we are exporting quality scraper and baler chains to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other regions. We have the aim to stretch our reach to all parts of the world. We have the capacity to serve international customers with quality products and on-time delivery.

Scraper Chain Manufacturers and Roller Chain Manufacturers

We also have the target to be a one-stop-shop as far as chain manufacturing is concerned. We are slowly but surely gaining customers’ confidence and are already considered as one of the high-quality mining chain manufacturers. To serve the mining chain industry, we have a large stock of original equipment parts alongside extensive product range.

We have ‘zero tolerance’ policy on quality control regarding every product range. We buy raw materials from reliable suppliers that meet international standards. The quality of products is put in the first place; the second is integrity while the third is the competitive price. The above three principles are swiftly taking us to the top tier, to make us number one among mining chain manufacturers.

Hongfeng’s high-quality conveyor chain is increasingly finding its place all over China and overseas. We develop the chain with hardened plates that improves tensile strength up to 90 per cent. We are among those conveyor chain manufacturers, who offer conveyor chains in metric and imperial pitch sizes with integral standard attachments. Our conveyor chains are used in an array of applications in numerous industries.

Our scraper chains are widely used in different applications like slags, wood shavings, cement, ash, moving feed and scraping settlement tanks. Among the top scraper chain manufacturers, we have the best trade relations with our raw material suppliers. In case of a particular requirement or an emergency, we are capable of delivering what clients need because we have a global reach.

As a diverse chain manufacturing company, we have a ton of experience with exquisite quenching and debarring process. Our customers are our strength. We regularly receive feedback; mostly in appreciating sense. We always thrive to go an extra mile as our biggest competitor is us.

Trust, capability, commitment and reliability are four pillars to our success. We never compromise on our quality as we believe we would never be able to operate for two decades had we compromised on quality for once.

So, if you need a trustworthy chain manufacturer in China, Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Limited is the best choice for you.

About us

We are a mainland chain manufacturing factory with 20 years of production experience. We serve many large machinery companies in China, and follow their machinery export to Southeast Asia, Europe, America,

Middle East and other regions as well as more countries and regions in the international market. Customer service, our products are used in paper, environmental protection, mining, cement, waste packaging and other fields.

We strictly control the material quality and product quality, purchase materials that meet the national standards as raw materials, have rich manufacturing experience, and have exquisite quenching, process and deburring process. Received unanimous praise from the industry

Our Vision

Open up world trade, become your outstanding Chinese partner, and become the world's leading chain supplier.

Our Mission

Providing quality products with excellent quality and excellent price for all buyers to build a good trade relationship.

Our Products

The Keys For Success Of The Company Are

The quality of the product is always in the first place, the second is integrity, the quality on time guarantees the quality, the third is the price.